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Etica Property Management services optimise your investment through proven above average rent returns and expert management of all issues relating to tenants and maintenance.

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Etica Will Optimise Your Returns & Care for Your Property

Rental Providers face many challenges including finding reliable long-term renters, dealing with maintenance requests, and handling disputes. So, it’s hardly surprising that most don’t have time to analyse the market and capitalise on good opportunities. Etica’s experienced property managers will look after your investment as if it were their own. 

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With Etica, you'll only ever deal with one dedicated Property Manager

That’s one person who understands your needs and expectations. One person dedicated to delivering the best returns year on year. And one person to contact for any query, at any time. Which means, your investment is looked after, and the day-to-day hassles of property management are taken care of.

At Etica, we don’t believe in after-hours answer-phones or call centres. When you need assistance you will be talking to your property manager directly. This means we can act quickly when an issue arises to maintain a good relationship with your renters. 

Take the hassle out of your investment property with a dedicated one-on-one Property Manager. 

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There Has Never Been a More Complex Time to Be a Rental Provider

Recent changes to rental law means that rental providers face greater challenges than ever in terms of compliance and ensuring they are meeting the legislative requirements.

By partnering with Etica’s expert Property Managers, you can avoid the stress and confusion around understanding the new laws. And have one dedicated person to manage any maintenance work which needs to be done, to avoid hefty fines.

Talk to Etica today and discover how a hands-on property manager that cares about your investment can save you time & money whilst growing the return on your investment.

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How Property Management Works & The Etica Process

Your Property Manager will strive to ensure your property continues to give you a great return for years to come. They do this through considered maintenance, by managing relations with renters and always keeping an eye on the market to capitalise on opportunities or minimise risk.

Setting Your Rent

Our goal is to help you capitalise on your investment and ensure you receive the best return – while also considering your desired occupants and how to effectively reach them through the strategic pricing of your property. We may also provide recommendations on styling your property to increase its appeal to prospective occupants. 

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Selecting Occupants

Getting the right renters is arguably the most important part of the entire tenancy process.
Rental Providers require an occupant who is stable, respectful of the property and financially sound. We combine our experience with comprehensive rental checks
to ensure any risks associated are greatly reduced.

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Condition Reports

Alongside our comprehensive entry & exit condition reports, we conduct annual inspections to ensure your property is being maintained and cared for as expected. If repairs are needed we will use our network of qualified and affordable maintenance providers to address the issue immediately. 

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Annual Rent Reviews 

As the property market increases in value, so should the return on your investment. We will conduct an annual rent review and provide analysis and recommendations on any changes that should be made. This can also be an opportunity to discuss improvements that would optimise return. 

Design Solutions to Boost Your Property's Appeal & Value

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Affordable Solutions to Increase Return on Your Investment

Etica’s team of qualified interior designers will help you design, style or renovate your home to showcase its natural charm and character. Whether you need to optimise space, refresh tired interiors or update outdated fittings, our design team have a range of affordable solutions that will increase both the appeal and value of your property. 

Book a consultation with our design team and learn how affordable and easy it is to maximise the value of you properties.