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Etica are a full service property consultancy providing you with buyer advocacy, property management and interior design solutions to optimise your property portfolio.

How Can Etica Help You Simplify Your Property Journey?

With more than 28 years’ experience, Etica’s expert property consultants have a wealth of knowledge to help you along in your property journey.
We’ve been buying, selling and managing properties in Melbourne for decades. So if you have a question that isn’t covered below, please get in touch with one of our friendly team and we can organise a free consultation to set you on the right path to your property goals.

Buyers Advocacy

A Buyers Advocate will work with you to find your perfect property, sooner. First, they will consult with you to understand exactly what you are looking for. Then they will do the research, provide market comparisons and help you narrow down the shortlist. A Buyers Advocate will also assist in finding off market properties, and in negotiations once you find your dream home. Quite simply, they take the hassle out of finding the perfect property.

This can vary greatly depending on your requirements and budget but on average we have been able to find a suitable property for our clients in 6 weeks.

One benefit of having a Buyers Advocate is their excellent industry contacts. So, instead of being limited to publicly listed properties, they will be able to source silent listings and other off-market opportunities. Which means you benefit from less competition and will be more likely to secure the property of your dreams sooner.

Greater Metropolitan Melbourne, inner Melbourne, middle ring Melbourne and lifestyle locations (sea change/ tree change). 

Fees are negotiable and can start from $1,650 inc GST for auction bidding and negotiation services. Full search services range from 1 – 2.5% of the purchase price + GST or a fixed fee can be agreed too. 

Yes, Etica Buyer Advocates are fully licensed and insured. Eddie Van Pamelen has 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry as an auctioneer, selling agent, real estate trainer, Buyer Agent trainer and 15 years as an exclusive Buyer Agent. 

Interior Design

Whether you are looking to improve a room or the entire property, we can assist while you are in the process of buying your property or at any time it is right for you. If you are one of our Buyer Advocacy clients, a complimentary opinion of the property’s renovation potential (pre purchase) is included in the service.

Many vendors don’t see the value in hiring a designer or stylist when all they want to do is sell their home. However, increasing the value of your home can be as simple as making a few small changes. Our team of interior designers and stylists have more than 28 years’ experience working in the Melbourne property market and know exactly what buyers are looking for. They’ll work with your budget to help increase the appeal of your home and help it to sell faster.

Absolutely! One of the most important things our designer looks at first is your space and how they can make it more functional for you and your family. By making small design changes and implementing smarter storage and use of space, your home can grow with your family.

The service is tailored your individual needs. It can start with a DIY consultation package if you’re doing your own renovations. We can offer a fixed fee package for styling or improving your rental property. Or there is a full suite of design services that we can fully customise to your dream home needs. Our advice will help you avoid costly renovation mistakes. Book a private consultation to learn more about the service and how inexpensive it can be for you.

Yes, there are a number of ways we can do this for you. We know what renters are looking for in a rental property according to price points, demographics and suburb. Our designs value add and broaden appeal while keeping expense to a minimum. For an example of how smart design can increase rent return, check out this case study

Working within your budget is paramount. This is sometimes reverse engineered so you don’t overspend. We can source stylish interior finishes that you love and still stick to your budget.

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Property Management

Our Property Managers will manage all aspects of your investment property, from optimising your return to dealing with maintenance and renters. Which means, your investment is looked after, and the day-to-day hassles of property management are taken care of. What’s more, you will have just one dedicated property manager – so they will understand your needs and expectations perfectly.

One of the most important parts of a Property Managers job is acting as an intermediary between you and your renters. Happy renters mean longer tenancies. That’s why we always deal with genuine maintenance requests quickly, through our network of highly qualified and affordable tradespeople. Your property will stay in good share, and your renters will be more likely to extend their lease. For more advice on how to attract longer occupancies, check out these top tips

A well maintained property with savvy presentation will optimise your rent returns. Etica Property Managers will conduct an annual rent review and provide analysis and recommendations on any changes that should be made. This ensures you are always getting a return relevant to the market value of your investment. We can also advise on minor changes or improvements to increase the appeal of your property to prospective renters. We’ve assisted our rent providers achieve above average returns for their investment properties. This property in Windsor is a fantastic example of how minor design improvements can increase rent returns. 

There are over 130 recent changes to rental laws in Victoria. There is a heavy onus on rent providers to have their properties safe and fit for renting. These laws will protect renters and rental providers into the future as we continue to see housing affordability force home buyers into longer tenancies.

All applications are vetted by reference checking their ability to pay rent on time, previous rental history and database checking.

We have professional affiliates that can assist with tax depreciation schedules as well as work with your accountant to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities to claim a tax deduction.

Yes, we have a panel of fully qualified trades and property professional to maintain your property in good order as well as meet the compliance requirements.

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Vendor Advocacy

This service is offered at no direct cost to you the vendor but will guarantee maximising the opportunity to sell at the highest price.

A Vendors Advocate will help you achieve the best possible result when selling your home or investment property through expert advice and extensive industry contacts. They will help throughout the entire process, from determining the value of your home to finding the right agent, assisting with negotiations and more.

A Vendors Advocate is in your corner to make the selling process as quick and easy as possible, while getting you the best price for your property. With more than 28 years’ experience, our Vendors Advocates can help you develop marketing strategies, find the perfect agent and guide through the sales process.  You will have complete peace of mind knowing you have an expert looking out for your best interests – and best of all, there is no upfront cost to you as the vendor for this service.

Yes and No, each property sale campaign is unique. Understanding your selling requirements upfront is the first priority. Then we determine if your property would sell for more if vacant and what presentation improvements can be made to maximise its appeal to prospective buyers. Also timing your campaign around key dates and various selling seasons will add value too. We get you ready for sale a quick as practicably possible or guide you to wait and prepare for the most appropriate time to sell your home.

Yes, this is critical to maximise the sale price. Minor maintenance, garden care and painting will all help in the aesthetic appeal of your property. We also have professional property stylists that can add tens of thousands to the value of your home.

EOI, private sale, tender, off market sales or your day in the sun with a Public Auction – we will guide you through which is the best approach to avoid costly selling mistakes and maximise your sale price.

This will depend on the method of sale. Exposure to your target markets is very important but there’s no need to spend excessive amounts of dollars. Advertising to your ideal buyers is the key and not every publication or website is necessary.

We know Melbourne’s leading agencies and the best performing individuals within them. Each agent selected to appraise your property has already proven themselves as leaders within their local market.

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